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Woman Applying Facial Mask - Ethnic salons in Pittsburgh, PA

Spa Services in Pittsburgh, PA

Sit back and relax when you come to Ambiance Hair & Nail Gallery in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for indulgent spa services.

Bat Those Eyelashes

Show off your movie star eyes when you come to us for affordable eyelash extensions. Stop spending hundreds each year on expensive mascara brands when you come to us for $15 strips or $25 for individual extensions.

Shape Your Brows

With our eyebrow waxing services, you can throw your old-fashioned tweezers out. We'll give you the perfect shape you want for only $10.

Making You Look & Feel Relaxed

After a long week at the office, you feel exhausted and worn. Come to our nail and hair salon so our experienced team of professionals can help you unwind, so you feel ready to tackle the week ahead. From relaxing massage therapy services to mini-facials, we do it all to help you relax.
Full Facials - $65
Full Make-up Application - $50
Permanent Lash Extensions - $100 and Up

Schedule an appointment for our relaxing spa services so you can find time to unwind after a long week.