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Natural Beauty Portrait - Hair salon in Pittsburgh, PA

Hair Services in Pittsburgh, PA

Enhance your look any day of the week when you come to Ambiance Hair & Nail Gallery in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for our personalized hair and nail services.

Consulting You on the Perfect Style

Whether you want to try a new style or simply need a cut, our stylists offer a brief consultation to help you find the right hairstyle. During the consultation, we provide recommendations to transform you into your new beautiful self.
Our Hair Services
  • Haircuts—$15 & up
  • Wash & Set—$45
  • Updos—$65 & up
  • Half Sew-in—$125
  • Full Sew-in—$225
  • Full Bonding Installment—$80
  • Relaxer—$80
  • Color—$80 & up
  • Individual Sew-in Pieces—$20 per Track
  • Individual Bonded Pieces—$10 per Track
  • Lock Maintenance—$65
  • Keratin Treatment—$225
stylish hair - Hair salon in Pittsburgh, PA
short hair - Hair salon in Pittsburgh, PA
straight hair - Hair salon in Pittsburgh, PA
Call us today to schedule an appointment for our hair services. Our stylists will give you a trendy, confident look that matches your unique personality.